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pure javey love

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Pure Javey Love
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Disclaimer: We are not in any way saying that either Davey or Jade are in fact gay. This is a community dedicated to their natural chemistry within the band. Anything posted here is strictly speculation and/or fiction. Please do not join unless you are a true fan of the band.

This is an open community but we do have rules And they are there for a purpose. We aren't very anal *ahem* about stuff here but please read the rules before you join:

1. You must respect the moderators and other members, which encompasses respecting the opinion of those who are not yourself.

2. Please post any pictures, fanfics, or long entries under lj-cuts.

3. Make sure any fics you might post have a summary and a rating.

4. Don't let our name fool you! Hunter and Adam stories are also encouraged.

5. Please try and stay on the topic of AFI. You can talk about anything that has to do with AFI but we don't really care what you had for lunch today. Unless, of course, it was a vegan sandwich cut in the shape of Davey Havok.

For emphasis: This is not a personal journal to cause drama in, fullstop.

6. Go ahead and introduce yourself! Let us know who you are, why you like AFI, where you are from...anything like that. :)

7. Do not use the word 'fag' or any other kind of derogatory word aimed at a specific group of people in this community. It will not be tolerated and you will immediately find yourself banned.

We're a pretty leniant group of people but we do ask that you show us some respect! If not, you will find yourself out on your bottom, and quickly.

created by: cancerofpassion
moderated by: _jaderade_
co-moderated by: falconer