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Learning To Admit Chapter 2

“Davey, sweetie, you should tell him. He's your best friend.” Jeffree sighed as he rolled his eyes at Davey's girlishness. “I swear you're acting like more of a girl than me and that's sad since I'm the cross dresser.”

“Jeff, I'm afraid.” Davey hung his head sheepishly.

“Afraid of what? Fucking up your friendship with him. Pleasssssse.” Jeffree snapped his wrist, then preceded to glare at his own wrist for making such a loud noise. “You've apparently been in love with him since you first met him which is well going on eighteen years, am I right? And you've never thought once about telling him.”

“I've thought about it.” Davey sighed, turning his attention to the sunglasses on the rack next to them. “I've just never been able to some up enough courage to tell him. I don't want to lose him over something stupid.”

“Dave, hunny this is in no way stupid. You're should tell him. The worst he can do is say no. We both know that even if you did something, he's never leave the band because that would mean him being nothing and having no job again. I don't think that he wants that.”

“Has the hair dye gone to your brain, Jeff?”

“Yep. That's why my cum is pink.”

“You're so fucked up.”
-End Flashback-

Davey sighed as he stared at his laptop. He wished so much that he wasn't so insecure about this and the video that he was watching wasn't helping him much. He wanted so much to tell Jade, he just couldn't. There was too much at stake for him. Then his cell phone rang.

“Hey, Megyan. What's up?” He glanced at the screen of his sidekick before speaking and let out a sigh when he saw that it was his dear annoying female shopping buddy, Megyan Monroe, the only other person than Jeffree to know about the whole thing with Davey loving Jade.

“Aside from the fact that I can sense your depression all the way over here.” Megyan's cheerful voice chimed on the other end of the phone.




“Dave, I know you so well. That's why. Besides, I wanna go shopping.”

“Okay. And you want me to be your fashion advisor again.” Davey chuckled slightly. Megyan had the weirdest fashion sense and usually didn't even need his advice, but he'd give it freely just so that he wasn't bored about his problem.

“Of course, Dave. Who else?”


“Fuck no. I don't want a bunch of Hello Kitty stuff. I'll buy you lunch.”

“Fine. Where we meeting?”

“Vigiti Tres.”

“Thought you stopped you occult work.”

“Shush. I need more incense.”

“Okay. See you in a half-hour.”

“See you.”

Davey sighed as he heard the click of the phone as Megyan hung up, then he got up. This was gonna be a long day and he could just see it now.
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