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Learning To Admit

Since this community is practically dead expect 4 a few rare posts here and there, I'm going 2 pump in my other javey story.can't really explain it. but it'll make sense when you read it.though i only have 2 chapters done.if someone wants 2 help me with the rest just tell me nd id b more than glad 2 work with u.

For fifteen-plus years he'd felt this way. Watching Jade would never been enough, not ever for him. He'd known it from the moment he'd laid eyes on the slightly strange brunette that was his best friend after ten years of being in the band together. Even when Adam'd first officially introduced them and Jade'd seemed a little defensive at first, Davey knew that he liked Jade very much and immediately taken to Jade. Only problem for the younger brunette was that Jade was straight, while Davey himself was openly bisexual. Thankfully, Jade accepted that and ignored all the times that he felt Davey's eyes practically undressing him. But unknown to Davey, Jade had a few secrets of his own. There was a certain reason why he never chastised Davey for staring at him with that predatory I-want-to-fucking-rip-you-apart look, yet it was something that Jade would never admit out loud, at least not to the rest of the band, even though he'd admitted it to himself.

Jade had known since high school that he was bisexual, he just never wanted to admit it because it would ruin his reputation slightly. He'd been the model honor roll student and he was well respected and he didn't need that to tarnish his good reputation. He'd been surprised very much when he'd first met a much younger less hardcore Davey, who was very open about his sexuality, and had said that Jade's glasses made him look cute right in front of pretty much everyone. As him and Davey'd grown closer, Jade had begun to notice how much of a swan Davey was turning into and knew that he was beginning to like Davey as more than a friend. Yet, after eighteen years, he hadn't made a move on Davey because he was afraid that Davey'd see it as him wanting to know what it's like to be with another man, which in a way was what it was since Jade had never gone any further than kissing and some other favors with other men. He kept up the straight ruse even though he knew that one of these days he'd have to give it up.

Jade sighed slightly and banged his head against the door frame in defeat. Not like it wasn't the first time that this had happened, but he really hated it when Davey took up the bathroom for a whole fucking hour like a fucking girl. Honestly, Jade thought that Davey was more of a girl than any of his ex-girlfriends, which that was one of the reasons why Jade found Davey slightly appealing. Davey's feminine look was just so attractive that it would make any guy like him.

"Dave, it doesn't take so fucking long to put make up on." Jade growled lowly, knowing that even if he said it very quietly that Davey would hear him. That was one of the perks of being Davey. He could hear faint sounds and everyone in the band knew that.

"Jade, honey, it takes a long time for me to get beautiful."

Jade blushed ever so slightly. He always did when another guy called him honey, especially when Davey had the infamous Jeffree Star around, the literal Queen of Cunts, who was inevitably gayer than a three dollar bill. Jade could see very well that the twenty-one year old model was rubbing off on the thirty-two year old singer and always found it funny. His own twisted sexuality was something that he was going to evidently confide in Jeffree but every damn time that he was going to tell the younger man, Davey always walked into the room.

“You're beautiful enough as it is, Dave.”

Davey chuckled softly. This was Jade's whole argument every time he took up the bathroom. It never seemed to get old, especially when they were writing a new record. There were times that Davey did it just to get Jade to call him beautiful. That was what made Davey's life seem worth living. Jade's opinion was the only opinion he really cared about. No one else's.
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