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 Okay, I am very new to this community, but I would really like to ask a favor... could someone write something with a plot? Please? Something that involves very LITTLE sex or maybe even no sex at all. Something with lines that mean something and words that have nothing to do with anyone being lust ridden. Please?
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I think this community is dead. Attempts to revive it have failed. Please try AFIslash.com. I'm SoulNarrative and have at least a dozen stories there, some as long as 12 chapters and full of plot. Yes, they all have at least one sex scene but it's in context. If it's not in the PWP (porn without plot) genre, it shouldn't be nothing but sex.
Aw.. thats so sad. Any ideas why it died? And thank you very much! Ill definitly check your fics out. Vielenvielen dank!
One to get you started. It's Javey. Enjoy!

No need to be condescending about it. If you don't like the offerings, there are plenty of other places to find AFI fanfiction.
That's true. AFIslash certainly isn't the only game in town. I think I read your work on the Yahoo group (which I enjoy very much) as you don't post here anymore?
Im sorry, really. I didnt mean to be condescending about it. Ive never really read much AFI ff and I was looking forward to reading a lot of long fics with plot. As much as I love smut, I really just wanted something to read. Im not trying to criticize anyone as an author or a reader. Things on all the lj communities just... were different than I expected. SOrry for the misunderstanding.
oh, god. *squeezes eyes shut* I've totally just realized who you are, and im a tad starstruck. I love your writing O_O especially on THF
Two months later I notice. Oops. No idea what ancient email address these notifs are going to. Thanks for the compliment.